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Typical domestic water consumption is approximately 13 000 gallons per person, per year.

Using the Variflush/ Dual Flush system could save 17.5% of this - over 2 000 gallons per person, per year (or about 100 baths!).

If you are a gardener, compare this with a typical 40 gallon water butt : this could be filled 50 times a year with the savings!

Variflush/ Dual Flush allows you to set the quantity of water used for each flush. To use, just switch to the appropriate setting then flush and walk away.. So much easier to use than other systems where you must wait for the flush to complete before releasing the handle.

These products have been purchased by eight major water companies in the South of England.
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Table showing approximate saving of the Dual Flush. Actual savings will depend upon the usage and the efficiency of the W.C.

Approx.  year of Manufacture

Cistern Capacity



7 litres



9 litres



10 litres



12 litres


Figures based on a ratio of 4 small flushes of 4.5 litres to one full flush

The prototype Variflush was tested under the name of the inventor Peter Brann by Southern water during 1998-1999.

These products are the only ones suitable for cisterns with front mounted levers that comply with the Water Regulations. It is not illegal to purchase a product that does not comply with the regulations, but it is illegal to install it.

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